Green Legacy

Green Legacy

From the first day, the environment is the first priority for us and because of this technology, production cycle and our corporate values developed with a mission to reduce the environmental impact and try to safeguard ecosystem. The advance cutting edge technology allows to reduce the energy consumption as well as the use of natural raw materials.

We annually conducts research and prepares a report on environmental performance of all our companies and compare it with the integrated pollution prevention & control for better vision towards environment.

  • Raw Material
  • Recycling Water
  • Fuel Efficient Transport
  • Minimise Energy Usage
  • Recycled Packing
  • Green Mindset

Some Strong Point for Environment Sustainability are:

1. Raw Material :

We are using the natural raw material like clays, feldspar sands, quartz sands, etc. which are widely available globally and has no risk of becoming exhausted. There are no any hazardous chemicals or elements are used by us as raw materials.

2. Recycling Water :

Water is the fundamental element for the production process of porcelain surface. It is used in mixing the raw material as well as to clean the plants. We are recycling more than 90% of water that reduce the consumption of drinking water upto 40%. We are also used rainwater by storing it in big quantity in underground tanks.

3. Fuel efficient transport :

It is a challenging point to actualize, but because of our consistency and passion towards environment we are manage to establish our transport system 60% fuel efficient. We are using natural gas and petroleum gas as a fuel to reduce the CO2 emission to the environment.

4. Minimise Energy Usage :

We always have an eye upon the energy consumption and we try to minimize it as less as possible using the fully modern cutting edge technology and a regular maintenance of the machinery. We are also using non-conventional energy source to reduce impact on ecosystem.

5. Recycled Packing :

We are using 100% recyclable packing materials like wooden pallets, corrugated box and other packing materials. We takin care to recycle each and every box and wooden Pallet. All other plastic materials we are using for packing is totally eco friendly.

6. Green Mindset :

Every year we conduct a special workshop at factory to spread an awareness about our responsibility towards environment and try to create a mindset which is helpful to achieve the results of environmental sustainability that we strive to advice.