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Founded in 2004 in the heart of a historic state of India, Gujarat. VU Seramik started its business with the production of small size wall tiles. From initially small company founded with an entrepreneurial mindset. The company grew and expanded towards the international presence & bringing the prosperity to its founders for more than 15 years. From 2012 VU continued to expanding with its fully modern cutting-edge technology and today the company exporting the finest porcelain tiles to more than 20 countries and in 4 continents. In the world with strong reputation as one of the biggest porcelain stoneware brands globally.

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We create premium designs and technology
Discover the Unparalleled Elegance: VU Seramik's 4 Exquisite Surfaces

At vu Seramik, we offer an unrivaled collection of surface types, each crafted to perfection to meet the diverse demands of contemporary design. Whether you seek the elegance of marble, the warmth of wood, the modernity of concrete, or the allure of ceramic artistry, our surfaces are designed to inspire and elevate your spaces. Discover the epitome of elegance with vu Seramik's exquisite range of surface solutions.

  • Polished

  • Matt

  • Carving

  • R11

Various Application
Elevate Every Corner of Your Space With
VU Seramik's Versatile Tiles
Bed Room

Infuse serenity into your personal sanctuary with our soothing tiles, setting the mood for a peaceful haven.

Hotel Reception

Welcome your guests with an aura of sophistication by adorning your hotel reception with our elegant and eye-catching tiles.

Living Room

Elevate the heart of your home with our luxurious floor tiles, creating a captivating focal point for gatherings and relaxation.

Office Premises

Create a professional and inspiring workspace by incorporating our high-quality tiles that exude elegance and style.


Create an inviting outdoor entertainment area with our weather-resistant tiles, perfect for hosting memorable gatherings.

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