The SLIMSLAB by VU is an evolution over a natural stones with same elegance and extra lightweight. SLIMSLAB is inspired by nature which will be and inspiration for future. You will get the realistic looks of natural stone and marble in an extra large sizes upto 1200 x 2400 MM in very thin upto (6 MM) thickness.

You can experience an elegance in each square feet of SLIMSLAB with outstanding durability and lightweight. The strength, Large size, Lightweight and Thin thickness make SLIMSLAB a versatile to not only use for floors but also for ventilated facades, wall cladding, countertops and at many limitless applications.



Now you can Imagine and choose from large collection of an aesthetic designs of a tile with zero figure for the space where only natural stones or quartz stone were used till now. Slim profile makes easier to cut and handle such a large format of tile and also makes an installation faster than ever. The lightweight and high durability makes it Ideal for facade coverings.

The abatement in thickness significantly reduce the weight of tile. The reduction in weight means less raw materials are being used. Consuming less raw materials than traditional types of porcelain-ware makes SLIMSLAB an eco-friendly. The slim profile and high mechanical strength make it perfect for decorative wall covering, a breathtaking look for floor and also for furniture as a thin layer on it. It is ideal for kitchen countertops and bathrooms.



SLIMSLAB save time in installation and also in renovation with the ability of overtilling. It doesn’t mean that thinner is not strong compare to traditional porcelain-ware. SLIMSLAB is highly durable, Acid & Stain resistance with massive strength.

1.   2400 x 1200mm

4.   1600 x 800mm

       8.00 x 4.00 ft        5.25 x 2.50 ft

2.   2400 x 800mm

5.   1200 x 1200mm

       8.00 x 2.50 ft        4.00 x 4.00 ft

3.   1800 x 900mm

       3.00 x 6.00 ft  


There are several reasons to choose SLIMSLAB (Porcelain Slab).

  • Flexibly Stable
  • Water Resistive
  • Stain Resistive
  • Chemically Resistive
  • UV Protective
  • Environmental Friendly

A SLIMSLAB (Porcelain Slab) is not only providing a strong, easy to maintain and durable surface but SLIMSLAB can be recycle. It always feels good to know you can recycle a product in future when it is time to replace.


When you’re thinking of redesigning a space, like a room in your home or your office, it’s important to know that SLIMSLAB offers an almost infinite amount of various colors, shapes, and sizes that can be used together to create a truly unique and beautiful atmosphere.

  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Stylistic & Elegant
  • Natural Stone Look
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • Futuristic Look


SLIMSLAB (Porcelain Slab) offers a limitless application. It is one of the main benefits of SLIMSLAB, The possibilities are endless.

  • Countertop
  • Kitchen
  • Bookshelves
  • Console-Table
  • Bathroom
  • Wash Basin
  • Living Space
  • Commercial Space
  • Sliding Wardrobe
  • Ventilated Facade

What will you choose?

Now you select the SLIMSLAB but from where do you start?

Which size will you chose for your Application?

Which finish will you select?

Discover the splendid designer collection with all available sizes here to imagine your space butifically.


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